System information plugin for Dotclear 2

Current release

1.9.2 - 2020-02-20 (Dotclear 2.14+)

This plugin give some information about your Dotclear installation. It may be useful for developers, theme designers, …


This plugin is accessible only to the super-administrator(s) as it may reveal some sensible information.


The plugin may be downloaded and installed from following sources:

Or directly from the administration plugins page of Dotclear


The plugin is directly accessible from the System settings menu, as soon as it is installed. It provides some lists of information1:

List selection

And it provides also a setting to deactivate the HTTP cache.

  1. The list is provided as soon as you click on “Check” button or when you select another item. 

  2. This item is only available if the static cache plugin is installed and enabled.