The plugin should be activated for the blog (see main setting page of this plugin) before using it.

Using YASH in content

In order to specify codes to be rendered by YASH you have to use the following syntax:

In Wiki mode:

///yash language_code

In HTML (source) or Markdown modes:

<pre class="brush: language_code">

Replacing language_code by one of the following syntaxes

Exemple with this Javascript code:

///yash js
function findSequence(goal) {
  function find(start, history) {
    if (start == goal)
      return history;
    else if (start > goal)
      return null;
      return find(start + 5, "(" + history + " + 5)") ||
             find(start * 3, "(" + history + " * 3)");
  return find(1, "1");


A toolbar button is available for dcLegacyEditor (wiki/markown and wysiwyg in source mode) to select syntax:

dcLegacyEditor button

Available syntaxes

Language code Syntaxe
plain Plain Text
applescript AppleScript
as3 ActionScript3
bash Bash/shell
cf ColdFusion
csharp C#
cpp C/C++
css CSS
delphi Delphi
diff Diff/Patch
erl Erlang
groovy Groovy
haxe Haxe
js Javascript/JSON
java Java
jfx JavaFX
pl Perl
php PHP
ps PowerShell
python Python
ruby Ruby
sass SASS
scala Scala
sql SQL
tap Tap
ts TypeScript
vb Visual Basic
yaml Yaml