Changelog de la 2.9

Je l’ai complété ce matin et voilà :

Dotclear 2.9 - 2016-02-29
* Additionnal menu items are now lexically sorted (default items and favorites order will be preserved)
* Wiki syntax : Added ""marked text"" support (HTML5 only)
* Session TTL are now adjustable (set DC_SESSION_TTL in inc/config.php)
* Add behaviors for posts/pages/comments/users lists' columns → let 3rd party plugin playing with them
* Blog and user lists are now lexically sorted
* Some new filters have been added for post lists
* Add a search engine in media manager (looking in filename, title and description metadata)
* Add recent folders direct access mechanism for the media manager (setting in user prefs)
* Add a another display mode (list) to the media manager
* Details about currently selected thumbnail in media manager are now displayed
* Shortcut access to the upload file form is now displayed on top on media page
* Default insertion size (width and height) may now be defined for video media
* Flash player fallback insertion is now optional for audio and video media
* Modules may have dependencies on Dotclear core version too (using 'core' as module name)
* Avoid mixed content (http vs https) for post/page preview: will open preview in another window if necessary
* Finnish translation has been added
* Content-length header is not more sent in HTTP response (should fix very long delays on some servers)
* Template engine : add tpl:EntryAuthorEmailMD5 and tpl:EntryCategoryDescription tags
* A new pref/setting array type is now available (JSON encoded in db)
* Cope with sort of "un-attached" media → allows new features as "featured media" plugin
* PHP 7 compliance, PHP 5.3 min
* Fix : Cope with "unknown" scheme in url (ie nor http: neither https: is defined in origin url)
* Fix : Let select another theme even if theme folder is read-only
* Fix : XML-RPC media uploaded are not more twice Base64 decoded
* And plenty of other bugs killed, various cosmetic adjustments, and also lot of beers drunk

Finalement pas si ridicule cette 2.9, compte-tenu des tickets qu’on a reporté sur les versions ultérieures ou aux calendes grecques !

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