Blogvember: Shall we?

Pardon my English!

Stéphane had a awesome idea a couple of days ago: each day of this november (sad) month, writing and publishing a post, but in english, copying the Inktober way — drawing and publishing a sketch every day of october — which has just finished yesterday. He calls this Blogvember.

So I… will try as it’s not very comfortable for me, even if I’m used to watch TV shows and movies in English, but subtitled in french since a year or two. Listening and understanding English, specially with British, Scottish, Irish, or Welsh accents that I particularly like is not too complicated but moving on[1] keyboard and composing some understandable sentences is a totally another exercice!

I hope that some of my blog readers could correct me during this every day exercice, at least for a month :-)

Well, it’s enough for a first try but I find this a little bit funny, don’t you?

PS: I found a, as far as I can juge, very good translator which I use to verify my english phrases: DeepL. It may also be useful for you.


[1] Is “moving on” the right verb to be used? I’m not very confident about that.

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