I got an idea!

Speaking with Stéphane yesterday on IRC, I had suddenly an idea about a new plugin for Dotclear. Stéphane told me that if my english posts were on Github he will help me to correct my english directly by commenting[1] on the Github repository — it’s mean that we need a dedicated repository and I think, a simple file for each posts, possibly in folders representing categories. So the plugin will have to regularly check the repository and pull the new and/or modified files to respectively create or update posts on the blog.

I began to think about it all the afternoon, yesterday, assuming that we should have some rules about the files’ content. For example, the very first line might be used as a title for the entry or maybe the filename will be enough to do this, the extension of the file might be used as an indicator about the syntax used — .md for Markdown, .html for HTML indeed, and maybe .txt for the default Dotclear wiki ? —, I don’t know yet; we also might find a way to define tags, and why not the scheduled date and time for publication, and so on…

Any way, it’s appear that it’s not a big deal to pull somehow some contents from Github, we need a token which will be defined in the Github repository settings, I guess, and some parameters will have to be coped by the plugin as the repository URL (or API URL), the repository token, …

How do you feel about this idea?


[1] Or why not by making pull-requests and merging them after.

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