ToDo list

Well well well, let’s see, if I check the currently opened tabs in my browser:

  • Continuing to test and report about the Alpha release of CaliOpen
  • Analysing and finding a solution for this little enhancement asked by someone for one of my plugins
  • Looking on two different forums if some new infos came for my FTTH current issue, fortunately I can use my ADSL connexion
  • Preparing my future motorcycle trip in next may, in Toulouse and the Pyrénées, using this as inspiration
  • Upgrading my mastodon instance from 1.5.1 to the last 2.0.0 ; I have in mind to test it before on a local vagrant VM
  • Continuing to learn Go(lang) language
  • Preparing the creation of Open-Ty
  • Creating a new plugin to use Github as source for publishing posts on my blog
  • Hiring an electric assisted bike for my beloved @kozlika as she want to test that way to go to work before buying such bike

And obviously, doing my everyday work and so on…

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