I knew it!

I knew, yesterday evening, before migrating from the Gandi v4 to the next one, the v5, that it’s never ever ends without any problems, even with a success message at the end of the procedure, I knew it! But I sill clicked on the button and bingo, some of my readers told me that this blog was not more responding, they got a blank page instead. After looking on this issue, I suppose that modifying the authority DNS of the open-time domain will not be diffused on every DNS replica on this planet but I don’t (now) understand why it causes this strange thing as the IP address of my server has not changed!

Anyway, refreshing the browser cache seems to solve the problem…

Inevitably, a second problem occurs this morning, not at all linked to the first one, but still annoying as I can’t more upload some media to my server by using the Dotclear media-center nor FTP. Probably a problem with our last setgid setup. Need to be investigate… Found! No more space on the data disk :-p

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