Old eyes, bigger emojis

Since a couple of years I need to wear glasses to be able to correctly read on screens, books, and so on. Since a couple of years the usage of emojis grows a lot, at least on social networks as Twitter, Facebook or Mastodon. I recently update my own Mastodon instance, and this new version allows every instance to define their own emojis. Nice isn’t it?

A beer emoji in Mastodon timeline

But I have not more a very sharp vue and I must confess that a lot of emojis stay unreadable for me as they are too small to be easily decrypted. Speaking about this a couple of days ago, someone on Mastodon told me that a Stylish/Stylus — I prefer the second one, and this is whystyle exists to address this problem.

Cursor over a magnified beer emoji in Mastodon timeline

So, from now, I can move my cursor on the emojis and they are automagically magnified! Das is nicht wunderbar ?

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