Let's have a try

Œufs cocotte au saumon / baked eggs with salmon

So, second try to make baked eggs as our first attempt with 180°C and 10 minutes in our oven was not sufficient — the egg white was not enough cooked and I do not like if it is still transparent and glutinous. We decided to set our oven to 200°C but keeping 10 minutes for the bain marie at least as it was enough hot. After that, we had to add more 5 minutes of cooking before serving them.

They were very good, might be a little bit too cooked, but better that the first time!

Next time we will try less time, may be 12 or 13 minutes, I think that it will depend on the oven you have, especially how the heat circulates in it, and also with another ingredients, may be with spinach or mushrooms…

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