Ajax needed

Well well well, it seems that I need to develop an Ajax form of some of the Dotclear Dashboard modules as our authority server, dotclear.org, is frequently victim of DDOS.

The first function that need to be moved to an asynchronous way is the update check of Dotclear as it may block totally the dashboard if the Dotclear server is not responding quickly enough. The second one is the Dotclear news that may block also the dashboard, even if a timeout is set, it may cause a too long pause before displaying the rest of the modules.

I had developed settings to disable these two functions, but you can only set them if the Dotclear server is responding as you have to authentify first, then display the dashboard and then go to your preferences to do that — a quick way to do this is also to change the URL in your browser, putting /preferences.php rather than /index.php —, and if set you may miss further update of Dotclear which it may not a very good idea, even if the frequency of these updates is not very high!

So, I have some code to do…

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