The select/option font-size problem

Switching from Chrome to Firefox brings back to me the very old problem about the way how Firefox displays combobox (dropdown list). The font-size is very small (11 pixels) regarding of the 14 pixels used elsewhere!

Looking for that issue on the net and speaking with some guys on Twitter I finally understand that using some CSS attributes (border and background) on select element is not coped as I thought, at all!

So, for Dotclear, the next (major) release will not more use them, and I also commit a Safari (10.1+) targeted fix to get a “normal” font-size too for the select/option elements.

I hope that it will be good-looking on every devices and browsers but let me know if it will be not the case!

For whom is interested by the Safari 10.1+ targeted fix, here is the code:

@media not all and (min-resolution:.001dpcm)
{ @supports (-webkit-appearance:none) {
	/* Safari 10.1+ only ( */
	select {
		font-size: initial;

So, from what I observe today, the only still existing problem is about font-size of option elements which is very small in Firefox.

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