Speaking to his son's neurologist

It’s a long adventure, till in progress as I have not yet be able to talk with him about his [my son] last seizure!

I have several phone numbers, which I tried since yesterday, his direct secretary line, the consultation service, the hospital main service, even another hospital where he has some consultations too. More than one hour spent yesterday on that without any success, at least an half this afternoon and I succeed (I hope), finding a way to transmit to he’s secretary a message to be recalled, may be today or tomorrow morning.

I’ve had to tell them that I was an administrator of the Epilepsie-France association with him to be able to have a little bit more attention from them!

Well, I’m now waiting for their recall call back, which I have some doubts it will occur, and then I will retry to call to his secretary tomorrow morning…

Fortunately it’s not so urgent to talk to him about the strategy needed for my son’s therapy, but it will nice to have at least his opinion about that.

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