Last day of Blogvember

Here it is, the last post in English for this Blogvember initiated by Stéphane.

First I’m very glad to have fullfill the requirement for this first edition, even if some of my Blogvember’s posts were not so nice (lazziness inside).

Second It allowed me to detect some minor improvements I may do for Dotclear in order to have a better reader experience reading a multilanguage blog.

Third it gave me the opportunity to test a little bit more the DeepL translator which seems far better than the others I know (Google and so on). I’m using it by writing in the administrative interface my text in English and then copying and pasting it to the DeepL interface to check if the translation in French is readable.

Fourth, last and not the least, it allowed me to note that my English practice, when I write or speak it, is not so good and stays basically basic, may be sufficient to be able to survive anywhere where English is spoken but not more, far from that. By example I’m not very confident to be able to read some classic English literature as my more frequent practice in this field rather concerns computer sciences.

Anyway I will probably try again next year and I will see if I will have do some progress since then.

PS : And may be Stéphane will do this again next year as he said yesterday about his month of English writing experience.

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