Fix CKEditor jQuery adapter
Use dotclear global object rather than global constants, var and methods (AFAP)
No more need of global dotclear_init const as dotclear global object is initialized before (prepend.js)
Remove old jQuery biscuit plugin and replace it by "modern JS"
Align right field's labels (single line fields only) of Berlin theme
Update Codemirror 5.58.2 from to 5.62.0
Update CKEditor from 4.16.0 to 4.16.1
Check themes dependencies (with core, plugins)
Add {{tpl:CategoryID}} template
Refine granularity of tpl:Blocks in dotty template set, will simplify inheritance and overload of themes
Add dc-home-first class to body tag if it is the first page (standard mode)
Remove some PNG fallback image when SVG are available as every modern browsers support SVG format
Fix navigation widget to cope with static mode
Load themes in some admin popups as some configurable theme may use a link/post/page selector and need to load a script to cope with result.
Adjust vertical position of some form elements (input, img) -> margin-top: -.235ex see
Load themes in media/media-item admin pages as some configurable theme may use a media selector and need to load a script to cope with result.
Rewrite metaEditor script (using class)
Bye bye responsive font size, thanks for all the fish!
Blog appearance, use details HTML5 element rather than div and JS to display theme details
Use <link rel… rather than <style @import… for CustomCSS theme
Remove Google Blog Search from pings URIs (service stopped) and fix pings global settings management
Disable deletion and modification of officially distributed themes
Remove old jQuery pwstrength plugin and replace it by "modern JS"
Management of attachments, allow using media->postmedia property
Use details HTML5 element rather than div and JS for authentication additional options
Add .svg in allowed var/plugin loaded files
Add .webp in allowed var/plugin loaded files
Globally disable FLoC tracking by default
2.19 will require PHP 7.3+
No need to load again util.js in _public.php as it's already loaded by dotty/_head.html
Fix summary default CSS display (Berlin/admin)
Add system-ui (cross-platform default user interface font) in 1st position of font-family
No more IE support in admin CSS and Berlin theme
Remove some old hacks in admin CSS
Use localStorage rather than cookie to store comment's author info ("remember me" checkbox)
Update jQuery from 3.5.1 to 3.6.0
Cope with original size when storing current media insertion settings
Clearfix css hack replaced by display: flow-root
Remove mysql driver support, obsolete in PHP 7+
Cope with wepb thumbnails
Add user preference to disable ad-blocker check
Add Ad-blocker detection as it may interfere with CKEditor (may be other features).
tpl:FeedLanguage consider lang in post context
Forget about URL type = lang as it cannot be set as this by the URL handler
Add language information (if any) in breadcrumb
Subscribe widget and feeds handling language context
Cope with mediaquery prefers-reduced-data (experimental)
Add publicBeforeCommentRedir behavior - useful to add parameters on redir URL
Avoid using @ prefix (PHP 8 compliance)

Grosso modo la liste à mettre dans le CHANGELOG de la 2.19 à venir.

Va falloir trier et rendre ça un poil plus lisible, pour peu que quelqu’un tombe la dessus :-)

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