Ah ué, quand même !

Dotclear 2.20 - 2021-11-13

  • 🐘 PHP 7.3+ is required, PHP 8 compliance
  • Js: switch to ESnext syntax, up to ES2021 (was ES2015 in 2.19), will require a “modern” browser
  • Template: Refine tpl:block for pagination and archive (dotty templateset)
  • Template: Add “.updated” class to republished posts (dotty templateset)
  • Template: The {{tpl:CommentIfMe}} template item take care of author’s alternative emails and URLs
  • Admin UI: Enforce visibility of last action « button » on update
  • Admin UI: Remove box and text shadows from CKEditor dotclear CSS styles
  • Admin UI: Slightly review the look of theme’s screenshots (blog appearance page)
  • Admin UX: Add screenshots for disabled themes
  • Admin UX: Add a badge with number of updates available on dashboard icon
  • Admin UX: Add password strength meter on auth page (if password change is required)
  • Admin UX: Generic filter controls refactored
  • Admin UX: Cope with local .mediadef file (JSON format wich superseeds insertion defaults)
  • Theme: Remove left border for (aside) sidebar of Berlin theme
  • Core: Add third-party repository option for modules (plugins and themes)
  • Core: Asynchronous check store update on dashboard
  • Core: Add constant (DC_ALLOW_REPOSITORIES) to disable third party repo
  • Core: Open admin search page to other type (WIP)
  • Core: Remove currywurst template set (never used)
  • Core: Add color, email, number types for widget settings
  • Core: Fix determination of « republished » state of post
  • Core: Cope with IPv6 addresses
  • Core: Create DC_TPL_CACHE directory if necessary
  • Core: Add IP v6 antispam filter (only enabled if GMP or BC Math library is available)
  • Core: Add standard nethttp timeout constant (DC_QUERY_TIMEOUT)
  • Core: Add alternatives Emails and URLs for users in My Preferences and User Profile (super-admin only)
  • Fix: Cope with DotAddict server not responding
  • Fix: Cope with isolated figcaption for remove_html and strip_tags tpl attributes
  • Fix: Allow modification of “official” themes if they are not in distributed folder (themes) of Dotclear
  • Fix: RSS style, fix css responsive + fix input
  • Fix: Ensure theme’s settings namespace exists
  • Fix: Ensure DC_VAR constant exists before using it
  • Fix: Fix favicon path in auth page
  • Fix: Allow https protocol for trackbacks
  • Fix: Fix IPv4 antispam filter for subnet mask > 32
  • Fix: Fix plugins privileges on config file
  • Fix: Uses the same font in the CKEditor editor as the rest of the administration
  • Lib: Update CKEditor from 4.16.1 to 4.16.2 (with local additional fixes in CKEditor jQuery adapter)
  • Lib: Update Codemirror 5.62.0 from to 5.63.3
  • ClearBricks: Allow legitimate .. in media filenames
  • ClearBricks: (legacy forms, array of key => value) for select and optgroup components
  • Clearbricks: Add details block support in wiki syntax
  • Add SECURITY.md document
  • 🐛 → Various bugs, a11y concerns and typos fixed
  • 🌼 → Some locales and cosmetic adjustments
  • 📣 Warning: Next major release (2.21) will require PHP 7.4+

C’est le futur CHANGELOG de la 2.20. Cela dit j’hésite encore pour la dernière ligne (PHP 7.4+)…

Finalement on aura pas mal bossé depuis la 2.19 dites-donc ! Je pensais pas qu’il y en aurait autant, alors un gros merci à tous les contributeurs et spécialement JcDenis qui a rudement bien bossé depuis quelques mois \o/

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