Source : Bhakti Iyata,, mar. 2018
Source : Bhakti Iyata,

Healthy boundaries for maintainers and project owners might be:

  • I’m doing this project for me.
  • I don’t implement features or incorporate changes I don’t want.
  • I reject changes that I think are not a good fit for the project.
  • Donations are not contractual.
  • I only help when I can or want to.
  • There’s no hurry for me to get around to issues or PRs.
  • Users can help each other; I don’t have to do it all.
  • I only give help privately if I’m being paid or sponsored.
  • I don’t accept donations or sponsorships.
    • To avoid feeling pressure (it’s normal to feel pressure even if it’s not warranted)
    • Or any other reason! (or no reason at all; it’s okay)

[ source : Matt Holt : « The Asymmetry of Open Source », via K. Dubost ]

Ça s’applique bien à ce que j’en pense de mon côté, en particulier pour Dotclear mais pas que.

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