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Last day of Blogvember

Here it is, the last post in English for this Blogvember initiated by Stéphane. First I’m very glad to have fullfill the requirement for this first edition, even if some of my Blogvember’s posts were not so nice (lazziness inside). Second It allowed me to detect some minor improvements I may do for  […]

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Speaking to his son's neurologist

It’s a long adventure, till in progress as I have not yet be able to talk with him about his [my son] last seizure! I have several phone numbers, which I tried since yesterday, his direct secretary line, the consultation service, the hospital main service, even another hospital where he has some  […]

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Bad mood today

And I haven’t the courage to translate the french post I did this morning, so there is the DeepL one (more or less): So another episode in my son’s epileptic life, which will probably remain so for the rest of his life, since after we decided last spring to stop treatment to see if the epilepsy had  […]

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Four days to go

Four days to go to the end of this Blogvember and I think this morning (oups not I didn’t see the time) this afternoon, that I will not continue beyond the end of this month. It’s still a little bit hard to me to fluently write in English. It’s not a way to give-up as I will probably do the same  […]

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