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ToDo list ante-brunch

We say ante-meridian and post-meridian, so I’m going to say ante-brunch and post-brunch, and I have some things to do before the brunch so… Make a salt cake with goat buche, walnuts and raisins Need to buy some fruit juices (orange at least, may be other) Mount the lamp received as spare parts And  […]

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Chrome vs Firefox, cache management

Very strange behaviour this morning for Firefox as I had a lot of comments in one of my last post, and even by refreshing the page it doesn’t display the very last version of comments’ thread. I then checked with Chrome, displaying the very same page and everything was alright. I need to  […]

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Dawn or nightfall?

I don’t know yet, but the FCC — US telecom regulation agency — might bring down the net neutrality and I’m very confident about the future of the net in France and Europe if the US did this: exactly the same, it’s only a matter of time. So you will, may be, have to pay to read this blog, pay a  […]

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