AI to replace men

I’m currently listening a podcast these days, a serie about banks, and I heard a guy telling us that they have now a marvelous and fantastic and ultra awesome AI which will be able to respond to a lot of questions and even cope with our face, and adjust it’s answers depending on our current  […]

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Gandi v5

Elle est pas mal la nouvelle interface de gestion chez Gandi, plutôt épurée, un poil clickodrome — d’ailleurs pourquoi on peut pas avoir la liste complète des domaines sur lesquels on a un accès plutôt qu’uniquement la liste de ceux qu’on possède ? — mais il reste encore des choses à revoir question  […]

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Adobe needs more money and it is not alone

Adobe needs more money and it will not have more from me! Since a couple of months, Adobe decided to switch their pricing plan from perpetual licence, at least for Lightroom — the software I use to “develop” my photos —, to an annual (or monthly) subscription. Counting exactly how many times I had  […]

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I'm going to the market

Ratatouille à ma façon

I went to the market, mon p’tit panier sous mon bras (with my little basket), Gilles Vigneault sang (I think it’s him), and later on, this morning, we will go to buy some vegetables, at least, may be some cheeses (with a big S as there is a very good cheeses’ seller in this market), and whatever we  […]

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Mid-term review

More than half of the Blogvember is done and I thought that it will be more difficult to do this, publishing an english post everyday, even if my english is far to be as fluent as my mother tongue! Anyway, I feel more comfortable when I speakwrite about technology, specially about web development,  […]

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